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5 Apps That Find an ATM With Cash Near You

5 Apps That Find an ATM With Cash Near You

Just visited an ATM and there is a sign ‘no cash’ posted outside? It’s time to open your mobile phone, download these apps and locate the ATM nearby which can get you cash. As hard cash notes turn into scarce in India after currency ban, here are 5 applications that will help you locate near ATMs and banks which can provide you with the bills.

  1. Walnut Money Manager, Find ATM
    Walnut is applications that keep track of your money and help you to control your expenses. This application helps you to find nearby ATM with cash in real time location. It also helps you in money transfer and clearing credit card bills.
  2. CashNoCash – ATM Finder
    This application backed by Quikr helps you to locate nearby ATMs and banks with cash available using PIN codes in real time. The app provide users with information as regards new currency notes and keep you updated about news linked to demonetization.
  3. Cash Finder (ATM)
    Cash finder as the name suggest help you to find ATMs with cash on your city’s map. These applications also provide you with queue information but the data on this application is not 100% reliable as this is completely based on data provided by the users.
  4. ATM Hunt
    This app is new in the market but is being appreciated by the online reviewers for its accuracy in finding ATMs especially in rural areas. The information provided regarding ATMs and crowd is fully provided by users themselves.
  5. My Cash – ATM Finder
    With this application you can search for nearby ATM based on PIN code or location. The app helps you to know about the availability of cash. Developers also have created a website for the same, for users who don’t have Android phones. Many of these apps are yet to have reliable and voluminous data as they gather critical mass which can key in locations of ATMs with cash. However, as currency shortage continues for next few weeks and months, the apps are likely to generate a several thousand downloads. Users with are able to help each other in finding real-time cash availability across India’s cities. Once availability improves, the apps will have to change their core offering.

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